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Immigration to Australia is easy with Alchemy Study Abroad Private Limited . Consider joining Alchemy Study Abroad  before your immigration to Australia. We have years of experience helping aspirants apply for immigration for Australia. Our experts understand your requirements and assist you with all that you need before moving to ‘Down Under’. Let Alchemy Study Abroad  boost your dream of immigration to Australia.


When a particular individual possesses some special skills, and are willing to get settled in Australia, this visa comes into play. When it comes to Alchemy Study Abroad  we are there to provide all the consultation, assessment, and the visa services for the GSM category. This visa is solely applicable to the individuals who are getting an employment opportunity from an Australian employer. So, it’s always better to keep an eye on the website

When it comes to the GSM category, the workers are required to highlight their skills, expertise, qualification, and experience to migrate and get settled in Australia. The most important part of this procedure is the EOI (Expression of Interest). Through this, the migrant is screened via a Skill Select program wherein the assessment of a candidate is done. Along with the EOI, the actual visa application is also assessed so as to check whether the candidate is following the strict government norms of Australia.


• Skilled Independent visa – subclass 189
• Skilled Regional sponsored visa – subclass 489
• Skilled Nominated visa – subclass 190
• Temporary Business Long Stay Work Visa – subclass 457
• Employer Nomination Scheme Visa


This particular visa is given to the candidates who are nominated by the state government of Australia for employment. Insurance of this visa is needed to acquire a certain number of points from the candidate while he/she is working in the country through the Skill Select evaluation. The candidates having this visa are allowed to stay in Australia for the period of 2 years, wherein they can take any other relative or partner as a secondary applicant to Australia.


Applications for Skilled Nominated GSM Australia Visa are invitational. For getting an invitation a candidate must:

• Must not be more than 50 years of age at the time of issuance of invitation
• Must be nominated by Australian State/ Territory
• Forward an intent of interest for nomination
• Possess an occupational skill that is included in the occupation list (CSOL – Consolidated Skilled occupation list) published by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department
• Have relevant skills assessment of declared occupation as in intent of interest
• Conform to required knowledge of English
• Satisfy character and health pre-requisites
• Score 60 in Skill Select points test

Whenever applying for a GSM Subclass 190, mind well that it’s complicated and you are highly advised to consult the Alchemy Study Abroad  Education team for further assistance. We are highly professional when it comes to Australian visa, because we are thoroughly aware about the terms and norms that the Australian government follows and are liable to put on you and your application. We recommend you to get this visa done through us so that there is an ease when it comes to your processing of visa.


The Subclass 485 category has been brought into action by the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department for the students who have failed to comply with the standard GSM conditions. The students who apply for this GSM Skilled Graduate visa receive an opportunity of 18 months gain ample experience and give the necessary English language tests. Also, these students are permitted to apply for a permanent residency once they pass their GSM tests.


This skilled graduate immigration visa is meant for overseas students who :

• Are not more than fifty years of age
• Are capable of matching skills, qualifications and aptitudes fulfilling Australian standard as mentioned in SOL (Skilled Occupation List) for different professions
• In the preceding six months completed a recognized qualification course after studying in Australian territory for at a minimum period of two years
• SOL is a detailed list of skilled professions that are rated high in local labor market.


This particular visa to Australia allows the primary as well the secondary applicant (if any) to stay in the country for a maximum of eighteen months wherein he/she can either gain some good relevant experience, improve their English language test scores, travel across Australia, and most importantly apply for a Permanent Residency.

There are a few conditions which are required to be fulfilled while applying for this visa. Once the conditions are set, you are tended to receive the visa as soon as possible. But if at all the mentioned conditions are not meeting, your application will be rejected and the fees paid will also be refunded.


This visa being only for the ones who are invited formally, there are no such chances wherein you can opt for it without having an invitation in your hands. You will be getting a time limit of 60 days for making an online application once you are invited. This formal invitation explains the entire process of the visa that is needed to be followed. If at all you fail to apply for Subclass 189 visa, even after two invitations, your name from the list of prospect invitees is removed and you tend to receive no such invitations in the future.


To attract invitations a candidate must fulfil the following conditions:

• Must not be more than fifty years of age
• Forward an intent of interest to Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department
• Possess a skill as mentioned in the list of skilled occupations as available with immigration department
• Possess relevant assessments of this skill
• Meet required English language knowledge as demanded by Immigration Department
• Conform to necessary character and health preconditions
• Must score 60 or more in points test conducted by this department

All the applications are to be filled online with the required application fee by means of a debit/credit card. All the necessary English requirements should also be fulfilled. To get along with all the necessary things, it’s recommended that you go through ‘Australian Values Statement’.


When it’s all about visiting Australia, for either the purpose of meeting someone or tourism, Visitor Visa comes into action. The Visitor Visas are issued to the ones who are planning to spend some quality time with their family, roaming around the streets and to enjoy the beautiful sights of Australia. All such Visitor Visas are temporary and are valid for a maximum of twelve months.

This visa does not entertain the permanent Australian citizens, and permanent immigrants. There are different categories under this visa i.e. ETA Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa, Sponsored Family Visitor Visa, and e-Visitor Visa.


This category of Visitor Visa is meant for the applicants who are willing to go and meet their family, friends, or are on a touring for a business, etc. Valid for a period of twelve months, this visa incurs a specific fee, on basis of which you can stay there for a stretch of three months.

We at Alchemy Study Abroad Education keep a note of your fees and remind you at every instance of the next installment.


Subclass 679, also called as the Family Visitor Visa issues by the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department has given you a permitting to visit Australia for a vacation or try spending some days with friends and relatives. This is a part of the visa norms that the applicant will have to leave the country before the visa gets expired. When applying for this visa, the applicant guarantees and signs to the terms and conditions of the visa.

When on this visa, you cannot opt for a business trip to Australia. You need to specify the reasons and show a proof that you have someone staying in Australia whom you are planning to meet. Apart from these, you are not at all liable to receive a Visitor Visa Subclass 679 from the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department.


It’s always necessary that you always see the other side of the coin. Your eligibility is not the only concern over here, but the also the one who is planning to sponsor you to Australia. If at all the sponsor has already sponsored someone, then he/she will have to wait for the expiry of that very application before making any new sponsorship.


• At least 18 years of age
• A permanent resident or citizen of Australia
• Australia settled for at least two years


• Like such as parent, partner, child, sister, brother, grandchild, grandparent, uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece. Adopted equivalents of these are equally eligible
• A related member of family who is applying for Family Visitor Subclass 679 visa
• Australian Parliament member at either Territory, State, or Commonwealth levels
• An authorized individual representing State, Territory, or Commonwealth government departments
• Mayor of local government

Visa Validity : 

This subclass of visitor visa is usually offered for the time limit of three months. In some special conditions, the time limit offered can be of twelve months, but this can again be a case wherein things should really call out to be meaningful. When we talk about the sponsorship, it cannot end unless the applicant who is sponsored hasn’t left the shores of Australia. It also becomes impossible for the sponsor to withdraw the sponsorship once the visitor visa is valid.

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